We ensure the impact of your event resonates for long after it's all over

Lights, camera, action!

You’ve organised the perfect event. The guests have arrived and the function is in full-swing…but you’re frantically trying to take some photos for social media on your smartphone (cue blurry, dark images with tiny people on a stage). That’s where we come in.

Whether it be a conference (large or small – we’ve covered the lot), a launch event, a team-building day, a sporting challenge, a corporate golf-day or simply an AGM where key staff from around the country congregate once a year – we can record that event for you in a discreet and professional way.

We shoot documentary-style and keep intrusion to a minimum. You may even forget we’re there! We provide all images to you in a timely fashion by Dropbox and can set up a web-gallery on our own server for you to distribute the photographs to your guests.

From there we can even provide an online shop function where your guests can view and if required purchase the digital file or a print. For charities – we can make a donation back to the charity or cause of your choice.

Our promise to you…

  • We can provide a press-suitable PR photograph from your event within 24 hours to accompany a press release. With prior arrangement, these can be sent to you or your chosen media-contact same-day or at the event.
  • We capture the feel of your event and document every part of it to preserve legacy.
  • We can setup an online web gallery for your guests to view/purchase images from your event. We can even donate a proportion of our sales to a charity of your choice.

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