Sector-specific hero shots that shine in a competitive online world.

Profile Photography

We don’t need to show you our portfolio…you’ve already seen it!

Times have changed…head-shots no longer have to be stuffy and lifeless. Businesses are waking up to the fact that ‘people buy from people’ and as such, need to show a little personality. We can take a professional, well lit profile that represents you professionally and creatively. So much of marketing these days is online – and every online presence requires a profile photograph (LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook) so why not represent yourself in the strongest possible light and give off EXACTLY the image you strive for to the people you need to see it?

For minimal disruption – we can come to your premises and set up on site, or we can shoot in our city-centre studio (you may even get a cuppa with this option!).

Our promise to you…

  • We will be creative – as well as a standard head-shot, we will take a sector-specific profile photograph that can be used online or in printed media. (We need you to participate in this with us though of course – props work really well!)
  • We provide all post-production and editing services.
  • We can supply you with the types of files you need (web-ready jpgs, print-ready tiffs or clipped images on transparent backgrounds as gifs)

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