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Construction and Architectural Photography

There’s no better way to secure your next contract than by showing your prospective client how well you completed the last one.

That’s where we can help. We have extensive experience in photographing buildings at every stage of their construction or renovation. From the cutting of the turf at the inception of a project to the final showcase images of the finished build. Whether it’s the gritty realism of the progress shots or the drama of the finished build, we can showcase the architecture at it’s best. On a renovation of an existing building, what better way to demonstrate the work that has been carried out than by carrying out a ‘before and after’ shoot to capture the whole project. Many companies forget to do this important step and at the end of a project wish they’d invested in it.

Whether it’s interiors or exteriors, we have it covered (we love a cherry picker!). We can also provide a Civil Aviation Authority approved drone operator for capturing those larger builds from above.

Our promise to you…

  • We guarantee to provide you with accurate images of your building
  • We are reliable, professional, creative and supply our own PPE
  • We can supply dramatic, showcase photographs of your build completion

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